Works Portfolio

A filterable list of recent projects, clustered using our service areas.


    Essen BioScience Event Pull-ups

    Brief: To design and deliver two event pull-ups to a designated printer for Essen Bioscience: a market leader in real-time video recorders for cell capture.

    Solution: The designated template was downloaded from their chosen printer and a series of designs were presented – all of which made the best use of product photography and layout of required copy. Given cell capture images were enlarged, finalised and placed to show the results of their product. The typography and colours were applied using their branding guidelines.

    Results: The sales conference pull-ups were designed and preflighted quickly so as to meet their deadline. The EU marketing manager was pleased with the outcome and we look forward to working together soon.


    Dallas Digital Health Project

    Brief: To collate and present a variety of evaluation projects, from various stakeholders, that each focus on different aspects of digital health and relay this using the established branding of dallas.

    Solution: An A5 booklet was designed and printed with 5000 being delivered on time and on budget for an event deadline. A digital version of the booklet was provided. A WordPress website was also crafted to provide an expanding source of information to those interested in learning more or contributing online.

    Results: The Dallas evaluation project now has an engaging and informative document relaying the key projects of digital health, which is available printed and digitally. It also has a flexible online space where more information and feedback can be held now and for the future.


    Design of Precidar Diagnostics Ltd

    Brief: To provide all required design to establish the papilloma virus diagnostics company in the Edinburgh BioQuarter.

    Solution: A company identity and required stationary, WordPress website, social media artwork, company service Sheet, company presentation, content creation and domain and hosting provision.

    Results: Precidar Diagnostics is now an established organisation within the Edinburgh Quarter and is working to secure further investment and client companies.


    Website Design for Active Needle

    Brief: To provide take over and deliver their company website while making the best use of their branding identity.

    Solution: A responsive WordPress website was created to best relay their medical device to interested investors and medical professionals.

    Results: ActiveNeedle is now with an informative website that works great across desktop and mobile devices. It’s visitors will be left in no doubt what the company offers and the expertise of the staff involved.


    Garrapat Branding & Website

    Brief: To provide a branding identity, marketing item and an informative website in time for a funding event in a few weeks.

    Solution: A conceptual logo was crafted which is visually aligned to the values and intentions of the company and its service product combination. This was then applied across various company stationery and an A5 flyer. A responsive WordPress website which can grow and present all manner of information was put in placed and hosted with domains secure.

    Results: Garrapat attended its target event successfully and secured welcomed funding to drive the company forward. Our client is happy and is glad to have approached us for design consultation. We are his ongoing creative contact now and for the future.


    Apicowplexa Event Website

    Brief: To provide an event website for a research group within the Moredun Research Institute.

    Solution: A one page parallax scrolling website was implemented that catered for all the requirements a scientific event entails. Ticket types and registration paths are made easy to follow and drive ticket sales.

    Results: This website provides a smooth and effective platform to visitors wishing to attend the apicowplexa event. The organisers life is made easier through dedicated sign-up paths, abstract uploads and easy registration.


    Brain and Substructures Illustration

    Brief: To provide an illustration the brain and substructures for journal publication.

    Solution: A vector based illustration was created that adhered to the legal requirements of its production. The resulting artwork was made greyscale and sized to the given dimensions of the journal specifications.

    Results: An illustration that clearly presents the cerebral cortex and substructures, all laid out and labelled, at the correct resolution for seamless publication.


    ASCUS Website and Hosting

    Brief: Creation of a new online platform for the art and science collective. This is to replace a Google Sites that no longer served their needs.

    Solution: A magazine styled and responsive WordPress website was created and launched. The design provides a large degree of flexibility for ASCUS members to manage the website and publish articles relating to news or events. Creatifik took over the hosting of the website, all domains were moved to our system so as to manage hosting and email addresses seamlessly.

    Results: ASCUS has a flexible online presence that will present their information and social media channels across internet connect devices. This will better present them to potential funding bodies, volunteers and interested visitors. With WordPress empowering ASCUS members to keep their website up to date.


    Design Refresh for Solid Form Solutions Ltd

    Brief: To provide a refresh to the Solid Form Solutions Ltd main exhibition materials and implement a new company website using the WordPress platform.

    Solution: A services information sheet was created and paired with three new exhibition pull-ups with updated company branding. Additionally a new website was put in place using a responsive WordPress platform. The WordPress website is easy to up date by company staff and works well across mobile devices.

    Results: The new materials and website are already at work as SFS travel to various scientific conferences and exhibitions around the world. The printed materials and website work to maintain the branding as well as represent the company on-line and across social media.


    Veterinary Deer Society Branding and Website

    Brief: To provide a new website enabling membership application to the society for vets regarding red deer health.

    Solution: A WordPress powered and responsive website was provided with log-in capacity for registered subscribers and streamlined newsletter subscription.

    Results: Our new logo and website present the Deer Society using a professional design that makes administration easier to manage.


    Dark Arts of Innovation Seminar Poster

    Brief: To provide marketing materials and raise awareness for an event.

    Solution: A large and boldly designed poster and flyer was created to raise awareness and provide information regarding the event.

    Results: The event was a success and well attended which was great for the other speakers and sponsors.


    Tantallon Systems Ltd Branding & Marketing

    Brief: Rebranding of Tantallon Systems an energy technology company based in Livingston.

    Solution: We overhauled the previous branding design with a contextual logo and graphics for the company. Then went on to provide a responsive website, company brochure and exhibition materials to further the marketing reach and impact of the company.

    Results: The company is making progress to meet new customers and install their Energy Fusion system in new areas.


    CoZee Zoonosis Network Branding

    Brief: Create the branding and provide company stationery plus website for the new zoonosis network.

    Solution: A strong logo design with striking branding colour choice was provided and applied across the company stationery and website. We also provided pull-up stands so as to attend events more recognisably.

    Results: The Cozee Zoonosis Network has established itself and if going from strength to strength within the field of animal and human interaction.


    i2eye Diagnostics Branding Design

    Brief: To create fresh company branding, tradeshow and marketing materials for the spin-out company.

    Solution: Quickly understood how their vision based diagnostic equipment carried out its operation an iris with accurate halftone was created to relay the medical diagnostic applications. This was then crafted over a variety of designed items and provided to the company for them to use the designs.

    Results: Final branding was applied to company stationery and event materials; as well as provided to the company for their own personal use. The company has gone from strength to strength and is a notable example of a company spin-out from the University of Edinburgh


    Bio-Images Ltd Open Day Event Design

    Brief: To help promote a company open day for Bio-Images Ltd.

    Solution: After a discussion with a company representative it was decided a poster and e-Invite would be designed and used in combination with internal efforts to promote the open day.

    Results: The poster was printed and presented in several locations and the e-invite was deployed and opened by 44% of recipients. Overall the company open day was described as a success, and improved the awareness of the company and its relationship within and around the Glasgow Royal Infirmary where they’re based.


    Bitesize Bio Digital Media Pack

    Brief: To design of new media packs for the Bitesize Bio website, delivered for use as digital documents.

    Solution: The pages were designed with a minimal aesthetic pages using Albert Sans typeface. Life science photography was used throughout the document to elaborate on the information and show the websites relevance to its chosen sector.

    Results: Bitesize Bio have been provided significantly better media packs to send to their prospective website sponsors. The documents are essential to acquiring new business.