Garrapat Branding & Website

Design project for new Lyme disease organisation

We were approached by Bruce Alexander the CEO of Xeroshield who is advancing his expertise into ticks and Lyme disease with a new enterprise called Garrapat. The organisation was fresh out of the head of Bruce Alexander and a lot needed doing and rather quickly as he was searching for investment and presenting at the EIE15 in Edinburgh in a couple of months.

Garrapat required a company identity, company stationery, marketing items and a responsive website which would be a small online presence that would grow over time and would be maintainable by Garrapat. Finally domain procurement, hosting provision and print management would also be required to deliver the website and designed items.

Garrapat Logo

The branding saw the creation of a conceptual logo form and use of a gentle typeface for the logotype, so as to help the commercial appeal of rather squeamish subject matter. A signature colour was applied that raises the branding above the identified competitors while relaying a sense of quality and trust.


Company stationery sees the logo applied sparingly, but confidently, across all items and complemented with a strong legible typeface of Univers. This works well with the logotype as both are geometric in style by different in their specific aesthetic.


An A5 double sided flyer was created to relay substantial information about the company, those involved, and a large diagram of the product concept. This can also be taken away as a reminder providing all essential contact information.


The rear of the A5 flyer relays more about the product specifically and two biographies of Bruce and his early stage investor.

Garrapat Website

A WordPress powered and responsive website was hosted and launched to be an ever presence online resource for those to get in touch and keep up to date with news from Garrapat. It also collects information for those wishing to receive future newsletters and connect using social media channels.

Garrapat Event Poster

Business cards, an A5 flyer and a large event poster were all designed and printed with the EIE15 event as the deadline. This image shows the final poster in place for the business event.

Garrapat Event Video

A short video showing how the Garrapat event poster sits within the room with all the other companies looking for investment.

Link the Garrapat Website: Click here…

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