Dallas Digital Health Project

A collaboration with Glasgow University for an evaluation project

We were put in touch with the team leaders of the Dallas Project by a contact made at a BioCity Scotland event. After which a meeting was held and the need to better communicate the information about various digital health projects from a detailed report was recognised.

It was decided early on that a printed item was desired to sit alongside with the final project report, and be complementary different in design and editorial. Furthermore there was a strict deadline for the design, print and delivery of any printed item – as it had to be ready for an evaluation event. Being a digital focused project the printed item was also provided as a PDF and an interactive digital document which worked seamlessly across mobile devices. Finally a website was also provided to work with the printed booklet; providing a limitless platform for additional and future information while furthering content and social media channels.


The dallas editorial design made use of the core orange colour throughout the print design. Keywords were used to create typographic artwork for the cover with clear logos and hashtag.


The DIN typeface was used throughout the design with the key colour used sparingly to give emphasis to titles and boxed sections.


A 2.5 column structure for pages gave suitable area for copy while allowing space for: required logos, QR codes and full width images or illustrations.


Another use of the 2.5 column structure was to show images spanning the inside of the spread. Plus each of the project pages were designed to relay their specific branding identity – largely using colour.


Illustrations were created to visually and metaphorically illustrate key themes of the Dallas projects.


All key stakeholders were represented with high resolution logos and organisation titles.


References and resources for further reading were included and the inside rear cover showed the Dallas key colour as a solid page.

The digital document created from the printed booklet only went so far to give an engaging version of the detailed report; more information existed so a WordPress website was designed, hosted and filled with additional content while maintaining brand congruence with the Dallas evaluation project overall.

Content from the printed booklet was used to structure the initial pages and menu. Social media, contact information and message paths were also added to make best use of the website for interested visitors.


The cover artwork was repurposed for the homepage banner with the visitor path made clear.


Midway in the homepage links to the main projects are displayed with their logos. The menu follows the visitor as they scroll.


Titles of the pages were kept the same as the booklet, even the underscores, and solid colour was used to anchor them visually.


Graphics from the booklet were repurposed for the website. And the footer provides: a short overview, news links, social and contact links to every page.


Being a WordPress website news is shown on a dedicated page and managed by a flexible blog engine.


The website makes it easy for those interested to get in touch with nominated staff, follow social profiles even view the departmental location.

Visit the Dallas Website…

Client Testimonial

We worked with Creatifik after seeing a really nice glossy brochure they had produced on a really complex scientific and academic project. With a 250 page report to submit at the end of our own large technical innovation programme it was really important to us to have something attractive that people could pick up and quickly access the highlights of our report in a really engaging and accessible way. Creatifik worked tirelessly with us to get the right document for us on time and helped us create the not only the right look and feel but also the right tone for the document given our audience. I will most definitely be working with Creatifik again in the future and would recommend them to help you produce a high quality audience friendly report for your projects.

Dr Marilyn Lennon (Senior Lecturer)University of Strathclyde

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