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Arising from our relationship with the Moredun Research Institute we were tasked with providing a website to support an event for Apicowplexa: parasites within bovine animals, for a less than typical budget. With budget as a constraint to a large all singing website; so a one page parallax scrolling website was proposed, approved and implemented to take care of all event related content.

The website makes great use of the events signature image that was essential to be used. Seen here, it’s the home screen background which provides the contrast to the event countdown timer. Further down the website, the signature image is used again in a parallax scrolling fashion to support other design elements such as social media icons. But on this initial screen the logo is simply rendered, a menu shows the sections that are found by moving the page vertically and the registration button is clearly positioned front and centre – with countdown timer giving the impetus to push it sooner rather than later.


Just below the initial screen is the introduction to the event and what it is about and where it is. There was space given to present a generous amount of copy which was complemented by four to six images. These images could relate to the event location or visually relate to the subject matter of the event. And the registration button is repeated, as it will be throughout the website.


The key money shot of most event websites, for those interested in attending is: who’s speaking. Consequently a lot of importance is given to showing this critical information while containing it within the one page website. Times, names of the speaker, biography, social links, email address, website link and profile image are all shown using a responsive layout that even manages multi day events, and can even manage multiple locations within the day. The event schedule can be downloaded via a dedicated button and kept as a PDF document.


Scientific events typically request abstract submissions so a dedicated form was created to manage and limit the amount of content that can be sent. The abstracts are sent directed to a separate mailbox for improved workflow management helping the organisers.


Event sponsors are supported in a dynamic carousel which presents donor company logos to the event, with links to their websites for interested visitors to click. Furthermore the event organisers are given prominence and their contact information presented should visitors wish to get in touch with a specific member of the organising committee.


The nitty gritty of the parting with hard cash to attend the event and the different tickets offered makes use of large boxes and dedicated registration buttons that can link to any backend system. Eventbrite or other ticket management systems can be linked to, or the button can open a dedicated application form or their email client to send an expression of interest to a member of the committee.


A FAQ’s section is placed just after the options of registration and ticket prices to negate and head off any typical and repeating questions for interested visitors. The frequently asked questions section makes use of an accordion panel that manages a significant amount of copy in a small area. Social media links to the event are shown on top of the signature image and work to keep people engaged in the lead up to the event.


The contact area does a lot to anchor the contact details and location of the event to the visitors and registered attendees so they can easily know how they can reach out and actually find the event building. There’s also a link to Google Maps for dynamic guidance to the event on the day.

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