Product Design

Bring your product ideas to realisation, refinement and manufacture...

Bring your product & packaging ideas into physical reality with confidence and speed by collaborating with Creatifik.

Partner with Creatifik to consult and develop your product or packaging requirements. We see many opportunities to aid the scientific sector and its specific objectives through the design of novel physical items. We’re excited to enter the new and dynamic field of 3D design and fabrication. Contact us to support your company in the development of prototypes, medical devices, packaging design, bespoke packaging and novel items.

End User Research & Analysis

Understand user needs or identify opportunities for improving or creating products by beginning with the end in mind.

Design & Concepts Analysis

Evaluation of design concepts moving the creative process and manufacturing methods forward with more confidence and less expense.

Scamping & 3D Visualisations

See the final designs using graphics to understand ideas, design, final concepts and user interactions with greater clarity.

Design & Materials Evaluation

Design and materials are essential to the final product and we can help get these elements right from the start.

Rapid Prototyping

Move beyond visualisations and get to grips with physical items to understand final design options quicker with more confidence.

3D Printing & Fabrication

Use 3D printing for better prototypes or even produce final products that meet your specifications.

Manufacturing Support

Utilise our contacts for confident creation of final products or to accommodate technical builds that require extra attention.

Creative Packaging Design

Provide the best start to your product design and utilisation within the marketplace through great packaging design.

Packaging & Label Graphics

Utilise our expertise within graphics to provide engaging and information centric visuals to improve customer and user understanding.

Software Interface Design

Combine our graphics and digital design expertise to create or improve user interfaces for devices for better user experiences.

Instructional Manuals & Videos

Apply our communication and graphics expertise to create and deliver manuals and instruction videos to provide better support to users.

Copyright & Patent Support

Protect your concepts and designs using the right contractual and legal channels to defend against possible infringements.

Branding & Marketing Services

Our services work great in combination as products require branding and marketing to be recognised and understood in the marketplace.

Copyright Management

Once established we can provide peace of mind by managing any and all contracts or patents created from earlier legal processes.

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