Graphic Design

Commission our artwork to better visualise what you want to present...

Visualise your research, concepts, products or services graphically for better individual expression and audience understanding.

Our knowledge of the scientific sector coupled with our creative artworking abilities makes Creatifik the ideal company to trust with delivering your specific graphical needs. Scientific communication and commercialisation benefit greatly from conceptual, descriptive and vivid graphics. We typically observe, that once created, these visual assets become a great investment for the company who then applies them extensively.

Ideation & Concept Creation

Design is only as good as the ideas that they originate from, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our ideas and creativity.

Editorial Design

How content is placed on the page can be a key determinate for the quality of the design and your core message is received.

Photography Services

Images make or break a design. We provide photographic expertise coupled with our eye on the visual trends of science so your always on message.

Professional Image Retouching

Images can be dramatically improved or creatively used to produce artwork not typically possible, and for the science this is important.

Stock Image Consultation

We can provide great visuals from our image library or from trusted commercial libraries to meet your requirements and deadlines.

Illustration Services (2D & 3D)

Utilise our ability to create vivid or abstract artwork and all in between to visually represent your concepts and research.

Scientific Visualisations

Employ us to combine our artworking ability and scientific knowledge to provide you with scientific visuals that work.

Descriptive Infographics

Use graphics to present your raw data in an appropriate and contextual style for better audience engagement and understanding.

Custom Typography

Bespoke lettering offers a fresh style option to make a specific design more unique and strengthen the individuality of your branding.

Video Creation & Editing

Tell your story in your own words and utilise branding and social media to spread your story better and more widely.

Animation & Motion Design

Create moving visuals that may well be in the abstract of the sciences to produce a video for better audience understanding.

Interactive Design

Combine animation and artwork with gamification to provide an interactive platform to take your audience through a process.

Application across Print & Digital

Take assurance from our experience in providing our clients with excellent printed pieces and reliable hosting solutions.

Copyright Management

Permit us to advise you in how to protect designs we provide to you, and provide consultation on how to improve legal protections.

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