Branding Design

Create or raise your company profile through better branding design...

Encapsulate core company values to boldly position your offering within a marketplace, while differentiating from the competition.

Commission us to visually distill what makes you unique then deliver strong branding concepts and strategy for your company, products or services. We provide the means to embelish the final branding designs across all required media and protect your trademark. We also refresh or reposition tired brand identities to deliver your message more clearly, better connect to customers, improve loyality and confirm credibility.

Company & Market Research

A parallel comparison of your company, service or product and the marketplace within which they intend to operate.

Brand Concept & Design

Realisation of your core idea, drafted and formed into professionally designed and unique artwork to be used across media.

Brand Strategy & Management

Ongoing revision and application of your branding to maintain congruence across your media and marketplace expectations.

Brand Refresh & Repositioning

Understanding and updating of how to improve or adapt your brand in relation to change of trends or the competition.

Product or Service Branding

Specific branding for better market placement, recognition and understanding our your company’s offering.

Professional Company Stationery

Application of branding design across letterheads, business cards and all other company related materials – printed and delivered.

Company Signage & Livery

Application of your branding design across large areas, internally and externally upon surfaces and standalone.

Company Exhibition Stands & Collateral

Transportable exhibitions stands displaying your branding design and company information to attract more quality leads.

Branded Clothing & Apparel

Wear your brand and be seen wherever you or your team are. A great way to lift the profile of your product or service.

Branded Multimedia Design

Apply branding design across digital video and interactive media items shown by your company to anchor credibility and profile.

Branded Company Merchandise

Company gifts or give aways typically or during events and trade shows help your company to be remembered in a giving way.

Branded Social Media Channels

Make the most of your time spent utilising the various social media channels by showing a professional face for better connections.

Trademarking & Registering

Take the step to legally protect your names, designs and branding defend against copying before your enter the marketplace.

Competitor Analysis

Employ our visual expertise and watchful eye upon the trends within the scientific sector to stay ahead of the competition.


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