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  • GDPR Guidelines Email & Websites

    This is a hosting and website related email that I’m sending to everybody I represent on the internet – as there’s some important changes coming into effect on the 25th of May 2018, and your website, marketing and sales items needs to be ready for them. The issue is complience to General Data Protection Regulations […]

  • Difference in Public Engagement by STEM & AHSS Academics

    It was said those from “technical” subjects such as STEM, were lagging behind when it came to their level of public engagement activity. One of the reasons stated being: their subject type had to work harder to sell itself. From 2500 academics, around 60% of AHSS academics had given a public lecture compared to only […]

  • Citizen Science: Smelling Parkinson’s

    “Research is to see what everybody else has seen, but think what nobody else has thought’ is a quintessential quotation from Albert Szent-Gyorgyi for scientific discovery. And Joy is a modern embodiment of just this. The short version of the story is Joy’s husband (Les) was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and during this life she noticed […]

  • Value of Stubbornness: The NovaBiotics Story

    The twists and turns of the company path from call to call, meeting to meeting and event to event were honestly and openly relayed by Deborah; who mentioned several examples of taking chances and following up on everything, waiting for people who were discourteously late, but offered genuine positive potential, as you never know – […]

  • BioDundee 2015 Conference

    Dundee is a marvellous city to spend time in for scientific and design purposes. It’s strident life sciences department within Dundee University and its UNESCO status as city of design plus its planned V&A Museum all adds to the curious mix of Scotland’s sunniest city. BioDundee2015 is a some what low key addition to this […]

  • Thoughts on Designing Information by Gobert and Van Looveren

    Each of the interviewees was from a specific and related design discipline such as: exhibition design, infographics, interaction design, digital design, way finding systems, graphic design, mapping, architecture, editorial design, app design and product design. However from whichever design discipline, each design professional is innately concerned with relaying complex information, using their expertise to help […]

  • We’re exhibiting at BioDundee 2015

    The main topics of this years conference, being held in the West Park Conference Centre, are stated to be: Precision Medicine, Big Data, Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies, Finance and Innovation. These will delivered by confirmed speakers from: Welcome Speakers: Professor Julian Blow, Dean of Research for Life Sciences, University of Dundee Shona Robison MSP, […]

  • Making the most of your assets

    We’re putting this opinion on our website from experience gained from some of our clients who underestimate the work they’ve already done and have on their proverbial shelf. Consequently our role can be to make creative use of what already exists or adding small design items of design or a new process to simply complement […]

  • BioDesign: Nature, Science and Creativity by William Myers

    BioDesign: Nature, Science and Creativity is a timely book that states the case for collaboration between: scientists, designers, engineers, artists and architects. It goes to considerable effort to pull together a range of diverse case studies showing their efforts. Architectural applications of biodesign were the most obvious as could benefit from the use of nature for improving […]